Ose yii ni won yoo sinku Mama Leye Odunjo. - BO SE RI


Coco Samba

Coco Samba
Coco Samba

Sunday 8 September 2019

Ose yii ni won yoo sinku Mama Leye Odunjo.

Lojobo, Tosidee, tii se ojo kokanla, osu yii, ni ayeye isin ikeyin fun Iyaafin Dorcas Olujoke Odunjo yoo bere ni pereu. Gege bi atejade ti Onarebu Leye Odunjo, okan lara omo mama naa fi sita, lo ti so pe ojo meji ni won ya soto fun ayeye naa.

Lojobo, Tosidee, ni won yoo seto isin onigbagbo fun obinrin naa nile e to wa ni ojule kin in ni, Odunjo close plaza ni Sango Ota bere ni deede aago merin irole .

Lojo Eti, Furaidee, ojo kejila, osu yii ni isin ikeyin yoo waye ni Soosi The Gospel of Christ Assembly ni adugbo Femi Oni, Adewolu, Arinko, Sango Ota, aago mewaa aaro ni isin yoo bere lojo naa.

Nigba ti ayeye iweje wemu yoo waye ni gbongan MAO events, kilomita keji, loju ona Sango Ijoko legbe ileepo Fariward. Odun merindinlogorin ni mama naa lo laye.  

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