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Coco Samba

Coco Samba
Coco Samba

Saturday 4 May 2024

Latest on the Igbehin/Ota Ikosi Land Tussle! ...the Baale Jamiu Olayiwola angle

Now, when we raised the issue of our lands survey,  the survey they did then was not visible  but the pillars erected on the lands surrounded Igbein town and we wanted to do a modern survey. That was why we consulted Oba Adeyemi Ajagbe, the Olota of Ota Ikosi. But unfortunately, by the time we see money to sponsor the surveyor, Oba Ajagbe died. I then consulted the Regent Chief Julius Oyenuga that is how far me and the late Olota agreed and rather than calling me personally for a meeting, he wrote the state government directly. That was the era of Hon. Kuye as Commissioner for Chieftaincy Affairs who invited us to Alausa. The Regent of Ota, the Oba of Agbowa HRM Oba Odumeru, the Oba of Odo Ayangelu kingdom and I. 

Everything we agreed on was inconclusive until the change of government. After the change of government, we wrote another letter back to the same ministry that what you did for us this is inconclusive and they invited us again to Alausa in 2014. When we got there, they now refer our letter to the council of Obas and Chiefs in Epe so that the Obas and Chiefs in those communities will see what's happening and give them report. They came twice to observe the lands survey and reported back to the ministry of Chieftaincy and land matters in Akausa,  then it was the era of Hon. Folami as Commissioner and Hon. Bello was Commissioner for Land Matters.

If you are going on Beach Road, Ota is in the right while Igbein is in the left. They asked us to duo our survey which we did and registered. Any son of  Igbein that sells land must bring one third of his sales while customary tenants are mandated to bring percentages all year ending and if they see anybody that is interested in buying land, they bring such a person to me and I'll give them two third. We later realized that most of the suddenly grow wings and became stubborn and we cannot chase them away. We went to court, obtain several judgement because of them and those who are indigenes, we went to court and do the case together. Some of the them are adamant, we went to court, obtained judgement, obtain possession and did our survey from the Surveyor General in Alausa and we have copies of the survely as we are now.

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