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Coco Samba

Coco Samba
Coco Samba

Thursday 20 July 2023

Hijrah 1445:Religion Sanctity For Nigeria – A Must : Prof. Olagoke

Nigerian leaders have been advised to be exemplary and effective in all the fields of human endeavour so as to create an enabling and effective environment to move the country forward.

The founder and spiritual head of the Shafaudeen in Islam world wide  Alhaji Prof. Sabit Ariyo Olagoke JP disclosed this in his hijra, (New Islamic year) message to Muslims all over the world .

Prof. Olagoke who is also the Mogaji Ogun- Elu, Aare Alasa Dynasty urged religious leaders to urgently address the menace of indecency, Indescipline and most especially corruption which according to him is a moral rots which is bedeviling the Nation.

"Muslims are expected to be exemplary in any field of human endeavour they may find themselves,  keeping the peace and working the talk. Unfortunately most of us are embodiment of Indecency, Indiscipline, moral rots and agents of disruption like their counterparts in other religions. The essence of holiday for Muharam 1445AH is for all religious leaders to address these lapses that negate the behavioural objectives of all religions"

"Nigeria is experiencing another takeover of the elite traumatizing  the entire population into further abysmal state of abject poverty because of lack of cultural value of integrity and divine grace from the religion and making the political arena to be mere monsters of another era."

Without Divine Grace, those who labour do so in vain   (Psalm127vs1-2) hence, those new Nigeria need to accept and Operationalize the concept of due process in Management, Administration and Political dispensation  of justice, equity, peace and Sustainable Development Challenges.

Prof. Olagoke while congratulating the Muslims however called on Nigeria leaders to as a matter of urgency find a lasting solutions to the sufferings of the masses.

While speaking about the proposed ₦8,  000.00 monthly stipends for selected poorest families for a period of six months , Prof. Olagoke adviced President Tinubu to work on many more palliative that will have a direct impact on the the masses .

He specifically urged President Tinubu to used the savings on subsidy removal to provide affordable means of transportation and put in place an urgent renovation of the country's refineries.

The renown clergy and academician also advice President Tinubu and his cabinet. members to ensure that more youths are employed to reduce poverty in the country.

"Let us all find solutions to deceleration in governance quality to achieve the much desired succour and accelerated development demanded of the   New government"

"Religious Sanctity for Nigeria is a must if Nigeria is to move forward under the new government. Nigeria deserves functional religion, functional education and functional democracy for good governance"

Happy New Year, New Month for all Muslims, don’t let us trivialize it.

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