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Coco Samba
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Tuesday 25 June 2024

IPAC Ogun State Congratulates Gov. Dapo Abiodun on Emergence as Southern Governors Forum Chairman*

Ogun State, June 25, 2024 – The Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) of Ogun State, under the leadership of Com. Sanyaolu Abayomi, has extended heartfelt congratulations to Governor Dapo Abiodun on his recent appointment as the Chairman of the Southern Governors Forum.

In a statement released today, Com. Sanyaolu Abayomi commended Governor Abiodun for his exemplary leadership, which has been pivotal in his selection for this prestigious role. “We are so sure, achieving that great feat, came as a result of your style of leadership, being a true to heart and transparent leader, and also being a governor, who achieved so much in terms of governance, security and provision of good lives for the people,” Abayomi remarked.

Governor Dapo Abiodun’s tenure in Ogun State has been marked by significant achievements. His administration has been credited with enhancing the state’s infrastructure, improving healthcare services, and bolstering educational opportunities. Additionally, his focus on security has ensured a safer environment for residents and businesses alike.

Com. Sanyaolu Abayomi highlighted that Governor Abiodun’s inclusive and transparent governance style has fostered unity and progress within Ogun State. This approach, he noted, aligns perfectly with the objectives of the Southern Governors Forum, which aims to promote regional cooperation and development among the southern states of Nigeria.

The Southern Governors Forum, comprising governors from the 17 southern states of Nigeria, plays a crucial role in addressing regional challenges and advocating for policies that enhance the socio-economic development of the region. Governor Abiodun’s new position as Chairman is seen as a testament to his leadership qualities and his commitment to the collective advancement of the southern states.

IPAC Ogun State expressed confidence that Governor Abiodun will bring his wealth of experience and visionary leadership to the Southern Governors Forum, driving initiatives that will benefit not only the southern states but Nigeria as a whole.

In conclusion, Com. Sanyaolu Abayomi reiterated IPAC’s unwavering support for Governor Abiodun, stating, “Your emergence as the Chairman of the Southern Governors Forum is a well-deserved honour. We are confident that your tenure will be marked by remarkable achievements, just as we have witnessed in Ogun State.”

IPAC Ogun State happily joins in celebrating this milestone, optimistic about the positive impact Governor Abiodun’s leadership will continue to have on the broader region.

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