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Coco Samba

Coco Samba
Coco Samba

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Harmony Gardens MD, Saheed Mosadoluwa Tackles Nigeria’s Housing Deficit As BHDSummit2024 Holds in July

Come July 2nd 2024, Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Ltd, under the leadership of Hon. Dr  Saheed Mosadoluwa better known as Mr Ibile will be hosting Bridging Housing Deficit Summit 2024 "BHDSummit2024", coinciding with the grand launch of Lekki Aviation Town. This summit will bring together 7,000 Nigerians to discuss solutions to the housing deficit and affordability obstacles, showcasing Mosadoluwa's commitment to addressing these critical issues.

Hon. Dr. Saheed Mosadoluwa, a prominent businessman and entrepreneur, is making significant strides in tackling Nigeria’s housing deficit and national airline challenges. As the chairman of Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Ltd, Mosadoluwa has established himself as a leading figure in sustainable real estate development in Lagos State.

Founded in 2019, Harmony Gardens and Estate  Development Ltd has grown into a major player in the Nigerian real estate industry. With a portfolio that includes seven developing estates, such as HarmonyVille, Granville, CrestView, Oju-Alaro Estates, and Lekki Aviation Town, the company aims to provide housing for up to 750,000 Nigerians. The acquisition of 1,412 hectares of land valued at $860 million underscores the firm's ambition and capability.

Mosadoluwa’s journey began in the aviation and logistics sectors, where he catered to Hajj operations and freight forwarding. His expertise led to the founding of Royal Crystal Airways in 2019, after serving as Director of Operations for airlines including Saudi Gulf, White Airways, and Nigeria's defunct Kabo Airline. His aviation ventures have contributed to a diversified portfolio that spans logistics, events, hospitality, and manufacturing, with a global footprint across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Mr. Ibile's impact extends beyond real estate. His commitment to public service and sustainable development has earned him recognition as one of the most influential young entrepreneurs in West Africa. Despite facing numerous challenges, he has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and visionary leadership.

In addition to his business achievements, Mosadoluwa has addressed the pressing issues of Nigeria's housing deficit and national airline challenges. He believes that overcoming these obstacles requires a willingness to let go of trade-offs and embrace innovative solutions. His vision for Lekki Aviation Town, a hub for aviation services, training, and innovation, aims to position Lagos State as a key player in the global aviation industry.

Harmony Gardens and Estate  Development Ltd's success is a testament to Mosadoluwa's innovative approach to urban living. The company's flagship project, Harmony Gardens Estates, sets new standards for luxury and sustainability in Lagos. Notable developments include the acquisition of land for Lekki Aviation Town and the launch of multi-billion-naira estates in the Lekki area.

Hon. Dr. Saheed Mosadoluwa's dedication to excellence, sustainable development, and innovation continues to inspire a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. His efforts to transform Nigeria’s housing and aviation sectors highlight his role as a visionary leader committed to making a lasting impact on the nation's development.

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