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Coco Samba

Coco Samba
Coco Samba

Sunday 9 June 2024

Alhaji Mayaki Abubakar: A rare gift to humanity and a symbol of simplicity

   When you are looking for  a man with kind heart, an administrator per excellence, a collosal resourceful person, caring father and husband,  very rare  gem to the universe, and philanthropist of the highest repute, you don't need to go further,  Alh. Abubakar Mayaki,  is the right person you are looking for.  

 Not only that, the man of many parts and egg head personality is a great gift to humanity and the world at large  courtesy of philanthropy activities.

Alhaji Mayaki Abubakar, an astute business man, who has made a indelible and credible impact in real Estate business, his firm MYK LAND AND PROPERTIES NIGERIA LIMITED located at No.11 Nepa street Alatisé ibeju Lekki Lagos State, branch at Eyinle No.34 Segandogo street Lucky Fiber, Ikorodu Lagos State is a trusted and a very reliable name in real estate business.

The very handsome and gentle fellow is a native of Shonga, in Edu local government. His love for mankind and our beloved nation also made him the number 1 fried of security personnels.

Due to his love for humanity and his gargantuan contributions to the development of our country and many communities, he was honoured with the title of Aare Asoludero of Ladaba Kingdom in Lagos, Mayaki General of Nupe in Lagos state, chairman Nupe of Ikorodu in Lagos state and Akinrogun of Ejigbo land in Lagos state, among many other honours.

 No doubt about it, Alhaji Mayaki Abubakar, has written his name in golden book and his love for humanity has made him  the toast of many people, no wonder his firm waxing stronger everyday among her competitors in the real estate business.

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