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Coco Samba

Coco Samba
Coco Samba

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Bode George lied; I am not a beneficiary of his political largesse - Segun Adewale*

PDP Lagos West Senatorial Candidate in the 2023 elections, Segun Adewale has debunked claims by Chief Olabode George, member of the party's Board of Trustees (BOT), of providing support for his political aspirations and career.

Speaking during a meeting held with his supporters to clear the air on recent happenings in the party, Adewale expressed shock that the septugerian could come on national TV to make several spurious claims concerning him(Adewale) 

Adewale, popularly called Aeroland, faulted George's claims of providing support for his political career, noting that the claim lacks any substance or evidence. He added that he has hardlly been on the same divide with George in the party because of  their ideological differences.

He expressed concern that Bode George was rather chasing shadows in the interview instead of addressing the damning allegations of anti-party activity. He stated that the diversionary tactic of false claims of helping his political aspirations did not yield any fruit.

On the claim that he(Bode George) asked another aspirant, Ogungbe, to step down for him, Adewale faulted the claim noting that Ogungbe actively took part in the primary election.

"What a laughable claim! The same Bode George that lost out during the adhoc delegate election. The same Bode George that was busy pursuing western agenda when we aligned with Atiku. For crying out loud, Jandor had almost all the delegates and we aligned. Nothing could be farther from the truth about Chief Bode George asking someone to step down for me.

"We rarely agree on issues since I joined the party because of his anti-party tendencies. Even when I became the chairman of this party in 2017, he opposed me vehemently and protested against my chairmanship by mobilizing his supporters to move pp Labour party".

He continued:"Even when I waved the olive branch to relinquish the chairmanship for his preferred candidate, Moshood Salvador, he still fought me. Despite their opposition to my tenure as the party's chairman, we made significant progress, winning some councilorship seats".

Speaking further, Adewale said George has never used his influence in any capacity to give him any party position. He noted that he had to defer to George's age and position in the party even when they have political differences. He recalled that he agreed to save George from political disgrace from the Doherty group only to be surprised by a list drawn up to include his hangers-on, wife P.A, and the likes without ceding even an Ex-Officio position to us

He added that they had no option than to leave his group to be shellacked and beaten mercilessly by Doherty during the last congress. He recalled that George style of politics was a winner-takes all type 
The PDP chieftain also pooh-poohed Bode George claim of purchasing the nomination form for his Senatorial aspiration.

He said: "Again, this is another lie from the pit of hell. I personally paid for my nomination añd I can authoritatively confirm that I paid money into the account of one of the Alimosho LG Exco(Oriyomi) for the same purpose.. I challenge Bode George to produce the transaction details used to pay for my senatorial nomination form".

On the allegation by Chief Bode George that he(Aeroland) abandoned the part to contest for Governorship in Ekiti State in 2018, Aeroland responded :
"I left Lagos PDP temporarily in 2018 to contest in Ekiti because of the anti-party activities  of Bode George and his likes. Unfortunately, on getting to Ekiti PDP, I met another version of Bode George in Fayose. This was why I had to switch to ADP in Ekiti".

Adewale further stated that George has a history of using and dumping his political associates for personal gains. He argued that a party loyalist like him would never find any political favour from George whose stock in trade is to work against the party at the eve of every election  cycle. He further added that he has worked tirelessly to build his political structure while the likes of George were just contented with receiving and managing election funds 

"It's pure hogwash. Bode George would only his influence for his personal gain through his yes-men. I have contested elections, spent personal funds even when I was not on the ballot. Besides, what value will Bode George that has. never. won his polling booth since 1999, add to me?".

Reacting to the claims by some members of the Alimosho Exco accusing him of siphoning N59m from the election funds meant for the LG during the last election, Adewale expressed pity for the Exco members he described as "disgruntled elements being used by Bode George and Doherty".

He expressed worry why some of these LG excos who have gotten party positions and job opportunities through him could be used against him by Bode George and his allies 

Asked to comment on Seye Osundairo recent diatribes against him in the Media, Adewale said he will not dignify the associate of Bode George with an answer noting that he(Seye) remains a member of APC as confirmed by Obafemi Hazmat(Lagos Deputy Governor).
"As we speak, he is a member of APC. He was Jandot's DG before he resigned and joined APC on the eve of the election. Until he is re-absorbed into PDP, I won't dignify him with an answer

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